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Islamic terror strikes Orlando, 50 slain, 53 injured. Worst in US history.

  Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen committed the worst massacre in US history this morning.  50 killed with another 53 injured in Pulse nightclub, Orlando Florida. Earlier this week a kill list was posted and 600 of...

Despite Clinton claims, 2012 email had classified marking   EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton, from the moment her exclusive use of personal email for government business was exposed, has claimed nothing she sent or received was marked classified at the time. But a 2012 email released by...

Man gets assaulted at PP rally, women blame him.

Google altering search terms for Hillary?

Type Croo into google and see what comes up. Crooked Hillary Bernie?  Ever heard Crooked Bernie before?  We have all heard the "Crooked Hillary" moniker bestowed by Trump, but Bernie?

Clinton refuses to accept report by Inspector General.
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