Symone Sanders: “we cannot go around callously describing things as a hate crime”


Don Lemon and his panel of guests are discussing the recent kidnapping and torture of a white disabled man by 4 black fellow students.

Symone Sanders, former Press Secretary (unrelated) to Bernie Sanders has a different outlook.  This is not a hate crime.

“Was this for hate for Donald Trump, because of the things he said? Or, was this for pure
hate of white people, because that matters.”

“That is not a hate crime,” she added . “Hate crimes are because of a person’s racial ethnicity, their religion, their gender, a disability, it isn’t your political leanings, because someone doesn’t like you’re political leanings and they do something bad to you, that is not a hate crime.”

It very much appears like a hate crime.

The New York Times has not given this much coverage.